What kind of marketing is the most effective?

sneezr.ca Have you ever asked yourself that question? I did. In fact, many years ago I spent countless hours trying to figure it out.
The answer turned out to be quite simple: word of mouth marketing. Or as I call it: the art of cultivating recommendations.

Surprised? Probably not. With recommendations, there is no sales pressure and no credibility issues. When your friends, family members or trusted co-workers recommend something or someone to you, they are genuinely trying to help you. That means a lot, which is why you usually remember it for a long time. But here is the catch: recommendations must be earned. How do you do that? Where do you start? How do you give people a reason to talk about your products/services? How do you nudge your story into every day conversations? I launched sneezr.ca to help you answer those questions.


In great businesses everybody sells—not just the sales people.
Case in point: Jony Ive & Apple. Is your business a great one?


Tell me…

Where is the newest knowledge about (insert topic here) more likely to be: online or in our own heads?


Do you know how to romance money?

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Money often has to be romanced. Case in point: Dollar Shave Club. It was founded in 2011. According to recent reports, the brand now has approximately 600,000 subscribers and annual revenues of $60 mil.

Dollar Shave Club is competing directly with Amazon. But since it can’t beat Amazon on price or delivery time, it instead opted to romance people into subscribing. And it has done a great job of it so far. Its launch video has been seen almost 20 million times on YouTube.

Back to you: Do you know how to romance money?


What have you taught yourself in the last six months?

With so many outlets for learning new skills today, you don’t have an excuse not to do it.


Metaphors are often just metaphors.

Marketing funnels vs real funnels: real funnels have hard sides. Marketing funnels not so much.
Metaphors are often just metaphors. It’s easy to forget that.