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If you try to be the biggest, you might end up being the dumbest.


Sorry if that sounds crude.

To illustrate what I mean by the above headline, let me ask you: Do you remember what happened to Toyota and Volkswagen when they tried to become the biggest automakers? continue reading

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What’s so great about being typical?

For most people, it’s impossible to appreciate the world of today until today has become tomorrow.

Do you want to be like most people, or do you want to lead?

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The interface is where the value is


One of the main reasons why BlackBerry completely lost its way and its 40% share of the smartphone market in the world (yes, da world) is this: it never became the interface to something important. continue reading

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You are brave enough.

I spread stories of my fellow storytellers simply because I’m in awe of their art and the only way I can repay them is to share their art with others.

Case in point:

“I think of quotes as mini-instruction manuals for the soul. It’s my appreciation of their very usefulness that compelled me to put together this book. continue reading

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Chase your reality.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.07.09 PM

Were you surprised to hear that?

That’s not me talking.

That’s what the director of the movie Inception, Christopher Nolan, said during a speech he made to a graduating Princeton University class. continue reading

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Let me tell you a story.


Dirk Nowitzki is an awesome contributor. He’s been showing up on time and turning in world-class, quality work for years now. (See p.s. for a more detailed bio.)

You’d be stoked if Dirk were on your team. But he’s not: he’s the go-to guy on an NBA team based in the US called the Dallas Mavericks. continue reading

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Is one of the keys to success hidden behind the word ‘design?’

After I finished reading Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces that Shape Behavior by Jonah Berger (in it, he explores the subtle influences which affect the decisions we make re shopping, careers, etc.), I had the pleasure of exchanging a few words with Jonah. continue reading

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What happens when facts meet a story?


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You know that when scissors meet paper, paper loses. But do you know what happens when facts meet a story?

More often than not, when facts meet a story, facts lose. Case in point: the Brexit hullabaloo, or how Britain recently divorced the European Union (EU). continue reading

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How hard & how important is it to be interesting on a page?


Incredibly hard and incredibly important. 

By being interesting on a page, you create a context that helps others do some of the most important things on Earth: think, act, laugh, dream, and love, to name a few. That’s why, I feel, being interesting on a page is the best vehicle of progress in our civilization. And the basis of all its wealth. continue reading

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