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A story about 3 secrets that are not secret

Remember the last time you walked through a city park of some kind?

Wasn’t that fun? :)

Did you maybe take a moment to sit down on a park bench and take it all in?

Whether you’re in Paris, France, or Regina, Saskatchewan, one part of the decor in city parks around the globe is usually very similar: the park benches. continue reading

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What Leonard Cohen can teach us about life

They ought to hand the night a ticket
For speeding, it’s a crime.
I had so much to tell you,
Yeah, but now it’s closing time. —Leonard Cohen

The person who thought and wrote like that can teach us a lot about life, no? continue reading

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How Tesla made your life infinitely more interesting

A fierce lightning storm was ripping through the night sky outside the home in which Nikola Tesla was born around midnight, between July 9 and July 10, 1856, in what is now Croatia. continue reading

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Dream. Always.

You need to dream the way performance is built into a BMW, or the way simplicity is built into an iPhone: always. Because a single moment of inspiration can keep both you and thousands of people busy for decades. continue reading

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Play is the #1 thing I fail to embed more of into deliverables for my clients.

The reason why I fail to embed more play into my deliverables is simple: Because I don’t do a good job of reminding my clients of how important crucial the link between play and success is, both in life and in business. continue reading

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Will your DNA be the end of you?

“If we don’t upgrade our DNA, we’ll be done. We’ll be the next Blackberry or Nortel: a has been.”

That’s basically what Tobi Lutke, aka the CEO of Shopify, aka the keeper of the flame at one of Canada’s best startups, said to his team not that long ago, according to the report in today’s Globe and Mail. continue reading

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Where does time stop for you?


 Your parents, folks like them, and older generations, they love living in the so-called real world.

Here’s what I mean by that: Chances are that your parents and folks like them feel most alive when they’re driving their fave car, preparing their fave dish, or really doing their fave you-name-it in the real world. continue reading

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Your biggest pain: You think you shouldn’t have them.


That’s the first of the two unexpected conclusions in the movie every entrepreneur and artist should see.

The movie? Whiplash.

On the surface, the movie is about an ambitious young jazz drummer, Andrew Neiman (played by Miles Teller), who seems to be willing and ready to do whatever it takes to rise to the top of conservatory jazz. continue reading

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The Matrix.





If you’re anything like most people who love The Matrix, you’ll likely never forget those names.

What else do you remember about the Matrix trilogy? continue reading

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