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You Can Win By Doing Wrong

Lance Armstrong.

Bernie Madoff.

Ben Johnson.



Once upon a time, all of the above were winners, no?

Does seeing the word ‘winners’ next to the above names irk you? continue reading

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What can this New Yorker cartoon teach us about life & biz

Agree or disagree: Even if the people in this cartoon were represented with a stick figure, you’d still laugh.

Takeaway: Every business and organization depends on words with impact. continue reading

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Get open.

The NFL.

The NBA.

The English Premier League.

Those three are among the most-watched sports leagues in the world.

Billions of folks tune in every day to watch their favourite teams. continue reading

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This is how you floss a profession.

Real conversation, even a brief one, catches fire.

Most people don’t mind when such a thing happens because, in those joyful moments, they experience a transformation which they subconsciously crave: they stop focusing on themselves. continue reading

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A story about 3 secrets that are not secret

Remember the last time you walked through a city park of some kind?

Wasn’t that fun? :)

Did you maybe take a moment to sit down on a park bench and take it all in?

Whether you’re in Paris, France, or Regina, Saskatchewan, one part of the decor in city parks around the globe is usually very similar: the park benches. continue reading

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What Leonard Cohen can teach us about life

They ought to hand the night a ticket
For speeding, it’s a crime.
I had so much to tell you,
Yeah, but now it’s closing time. —Leonard Cohen

The person who thought and wrote like that can teach us a lot about life, no? continue reading

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How Tesla made your life infinitely more interesting

A fierce lightning storm was ripping through the night sky outside the home in which Nikola Tesla was born around midnight, between July 9 and July 10, 1856, in what is now Croatia. continue reading

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Dream. Always.

You need to dream the way performance is built into a BMW, or the way simplicity is built into an iPhone: always. Because a single moment of inspiration can keep both you and thousands of people busy for decades. continue reading

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Play is the #1 thing I fail to embed more of into deliverables for my clients.

The reason why I fail to embed more play into my deliverables is simple: Because I don’t do a good job of reminding my clients of how important crucial the link between play and success is, both in life and in business. continue reading

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